About Us

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Building towards a beautiful future for Indonesia.​

At Megamas, we create value by becoming a leading property developer with an integrated offerings of residential, commercial and retail concepts through integrity and superior quality, while keep treating our customers with exceptional care, service and professionalism.


We commited to

  1. Support and contribute towards the development of Indonesian economic.
  2. Providing healthy and safety environment to our community.
  3. Building world-class quality of property, investment and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers.
  4. Continuously provide excellence value in all our endeavors and connection with the customers.
  5. Committed to employee development and respect to others.

Our Story


Manado as the capital city of North Sulawesi province is Indonesia’s gateway to the Pacific. With its geographic uniqueness and the local wisdom, Manado become the economic proxy in the north region and it is growing rapidly following the times. The economic activity is supported by the business activities of the local community as well as existing tourism.

Economic development in an area cannot be separated from the role of the existing property and service industry. Property can even be an indicator of the development and progress of an area. By providing access to the community to live, connect with others and have a business as part of a lifestyle, the economy of an area will be lifted because having a place is the tertiary needs for human.

Megamas responds to this challenge by contributing to building cities by providing reclamation solutions as part of a catalyst for regional growth. This is then developed with access to shopping, housing, and et cetera. Megamas’ property and investment is always developed based on high integrity and quality. Providing high quality integrated and one-stop solution area are our humble beginning. We will strive to craft many more property development as part of building Indonesian future to make the most of what life has to offer, especially Manado City.

Not only creating property, but even more, we are building a future.


Our Founder

Benny Tungka, a man who was born in Makassar on October 13, 1957, is a maestro of property development with hisMegamas Group which was initiated through PT Megasurya Nusalestari. He is one of the Indonesian developers who has made a huge contribution to the property business in North Sulawesi.

Through his Megamas Group, Benny Tungka’s business is growing rapidly. On an area of 36 hectares, Benny Tungka has succeeded in reclaiming and transforming the shoreline of Manado Bay into a well-known shopping and shopping business and tourism area. The business established by the deceased extends from the Trade Center to the Mall, where Megamas is the first mall to be established in the city of Manado.

Through his expertise, the business he run was not only focus on physical development, but also builds a building to live, connect and make business that can have an impact on the future of the wider community.